You can be a dreamer and a realist; have strength and show weakness; be an artist while running a stable
business. These things aren't mutually exclusive and when put together can help you thrive.

Where it all began…

Cathryn Lavery moved from Ireland to the United States in 2011 after completing 6 years of Architectures school and graduating with Masters in Architecture from the Glasgow school Art. After working in the Architecture industry for a couple of years, Cathryn become weary of a career fields with unreasonably long hours, short vacations, and a pay scale that didn't reflect her true value. She was intent on building a life she didn't want to escape from, but rather loved.

In 2012, Calm The Ham was created as a side project, an escape into designing on her own terms. Since then her designs have been featured on websites such as Fast Company, MTV, Gizmodo and other popular blogs. On the eve of Cathryn's 26th birthday in 2014, she went from merely dipping her toe in the pond of entrepreneurship to jumping in with both feet by leaving her architecture career for good. With background in design, a varied business skill set, and a keen eye for detail, Cathryn brings value to all of her personal and professional relationships.

Cathryn's room

I'm Cathryn Lavery and I’m a graphic designer living in Astoria, New York. I use design as my weapon of choice against the daily grind and I create art the same way I live my life – on my own terms. I am focused on the intersection of design and entrepreneurship.

These days I consider life a fun experiment, using design and business as my vehicle to live a life I'm excited by. I want to help young entrepreneurs and designer’s by documenting my experiences as I straddle these seemingly opposing worlds, sharing my big wins and my crushing failures.

Calm The Ham has grown into small team of creative all working towards the same goal; creating awesome products you will love. We work with fellow artists, designers and entrepreneurs on collaborative print and digital projects. The most recent collaboration with DBNY, A History of Time, documents a visual journey of iconic timepieces.

FUN FACT: When coming up with the name Calm The Ham, I thought it was especially good to have a name that rhymed... turns out Calm The Ham only rhymes when you say it with an Irish accent. Oops.


Serious though, What does ‘Calm The Ham’ even mean?

Calm The Ham is a result of what happens when creative desires overtake the need to conform into a lifestyle that
everyone else thinks you "should" be living. It's also how we Irish tell each other to "just chill".