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The Paul Newman Edition. Writing a description for this iconic timepiece almost seemed unnecessary. After All, it’s been several decades since Rolex themselves have printed an ad for this watch, yet the lack of advertising dollars spent on this watch has had no impact on its sales as for many years authorized dealers had waiting lists that lasted over 4 years. The curious case of this watch doesn’t end there. The years where it was featured in print advertising saw Rolex struggle to sell any at the $210 price tag, even with Paul Newman’s iconic name in the headline. It seems the more “silence” around the watch, the better, as a Rolex Daytona now sells anywhere from $15,000 to $250,000. It’s no wonder why, if you were to ask a room of watch aficionados which watch they’d want to be buried in, the answer would likely be The Rolex Daytona.

The luxury watch designed to be worn every day is featured in this print complete with its unbreakable oyster casing. The print is drawn with extreme attention to detail, as the art deco style lettering on the dial is the only feature that distinguishes a Paul Newman Daytona from the traditional Rolex Daytona - a feature often missed by those who pay before looking closely, making it a dangerous investment for any serious watch collector.

The Watch That Didn’t Need An Ad…

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