The Filmography of Motorcycles

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We did it again! Through 79 intricately detailed hand-illustrations we've charted the motorcycles of Film and Television. See the most Iconic two wheel rides in film from bad ass ape hanger choppers as seen in Easy Rider, to the dirt bike from From Dust to Glory, to top end crotch rockets like the Kawasaki in Top Gun. We even covered fictional bikes like the whimsical trike seen in Wallace and Gromit, the memorable Batpod, and even the Hell Cycle from Ghostrider. This new print edition has illustrations spanning through decades of classic tv and movie rides.

Each print is 24" x 36" signed and numbered by the artist, Cathryn Lavery from a first printing of 1000. Using 100 lb. archival recycled thick stock paper, this poster is pressed on an offset lithographic press in Brooklyn. Want it framed? No problem, just select below.

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