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While much could be said about this classic timepiece, be it the fact that it was the world’s first self-adjusting chronograph or that it was a known favorite amongst Formula 1 drivers, most will remember the watch strictly as The McQueen Monaco. Shortly after the release of the watch, actor Steve McQueen was cast in the unforgettable race car epic Le Mans. In order to make the role as authentic as possible, he turned to longtime friend and F1 Driver Jo Siffert for advice on how to look the part. Siffert outfitted McQueen in authenticity from head to toe, including the all-white track suit with the Heuer Chronograph Logo and, of course, the Monaco 1133B on his wrist.

This print features the McQueen Monaco in all it’s avant-garde glory. The unique square-faced and water resistant casing is hand drawn with extreme attention to detail. The print is pressed on 100 lb FSC Certified premium blend cover stock with Van Sons Elite Series Premium Soy Based Inks. The print is a true triple threat, sure to please watch, film, and racing enthusiasts every time they look at it.

The watch McQueen and Walter White wore...

During Breaking Bad, the Monaco was gifted to Walter White by Jesse Pinkman on his birthday in the 5th season. We see it on his wrist throughout the transformation and rise of Heisenberg.

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