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Many know Omega as the “official timekeeper of the Olympic Games,” and the Speedmaster is the iconic watch that helped cement its position for Omega. The Speedmaster was built to withstand the toughest conditions, not just on this planet but beyond. When NASA was planning its first manned missions into space, it needed a timepiece for its astronauts that could survive the trip. Once the rigorous tests were completed by NASA, only one survived: The Omega. NASA issued the watch to each member of it’s Gemini space mission, and, several years later, Buzz Aldrin could be seen sporting the watch in the forever famous Lunar Landing.

Featured in this print is the OMEGA Speedmaster Black Strap. The Omega Speedmaster print features all the details that have become the hallmarks of the watch. Displayed in the print are the triple-register chronograph layout, the high-contrast index markers, and the domed Plexiglas crystal. The dial is an example of perfect balance and proportions. Expertly crafted and hand illustrated before being pressed on 100% FSC certified cover stock, this print features the straight lugs, broad arrow hands, and the steel bezel. The truly out of this world experience that is wearing this famous timepiece is captured permanently in this limited edition signed and numbered print.

The Only Watch Fit For Space Exploration

The Omega Speedmaster was the only wristwatch that NASA couldn’t break. It withstood severe tests of zero gravity, magnetic fields, vibrations and temperatures ranging from -18 to 93 degrees celsius. It’s nickname, the Moonwatch, came on 21 July 1969 when it recorded man’s first steps on the Moon. The Apollo 11 mission was a milestone in history of both mankind and the Speedmaster. It’s still the only watch to ever have been worn to the moon.

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