The Filmography of Blades

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It's a wrap! Through 111 intricately detailed hand-illustrations we've charted the blades of Film and Television. See the most iconic swords of film from the Spartan sword in 300, to William Wallace's Claymore in Braveheart to Maximum's sword in Gladiator. Whether it's the Valyrian Steel Oathkeeper, the Needle or Jon Snow's Longclaw, we have Game of Thrones covered.

You'll also find famous knives such as Jason's Machete from Friday the 13th, the Bowie knife from Crocodile Dundee and even the kitchen knife from Psycho. We didn't just stick to blades found on Earth, we took the whole galaxy into account when we included Lightsabers from Return of the Jedi (1983) and the more recent film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Each print is 24" x 36" in size, pressed on an offset lithographic press in Brooklyn using 100 lb archival recycled thick stock paper.

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